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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Tao of Film-watching

I am working hard to see opportunity in the face of adversity.  It seems like life flings challenges my way with the recklessness of a novice hockey player hoping to score. 
I am sitting on the sidelines a little bit more than usual this week.  A silly and inexplicable injury has left me hugging ice and on crutches.  The crutches thing has grown old quickly.  When I tried to soldier on without them, I knew I was doing myself more harm than I intended when I almost toppled down two steps.  With reluctance, I am consigned to my fate.
I always told myself that if I found myself with a break in my “schedule”, I would spend it writing,  organizing files, doing needlepoint, cataloging photographs and catching up on reading.  These are tasks that are both satisfying and constructive. I concede my normal schedule consists of a variant of many of the those chores; the difference in circumstance is that, on a typical day, my actions are self-directed; whereas, today I am motivated by exterior factors.
So, on crutches, with a break in my typical schedule, I am surprising myself.  I am surrendering to make-believe.  I am watching movie after movie after movie.  The American, The Dilemma, Rear Window, The Town, The Trouble With Harry.  Is there a trend evident?  Not in the least, French, Swedish, English or German, whatever strikes my mood and is available on the movie channels, Netflix, iTunes or youTube, that’s what I am watching. I would like to think that my days watching both senseless and profound films are numbered. When I take a break from the blue glow of the screen, my book of meditations reminds me to stay in the moment and breathe. However, if I have learned anything from watching these films and reading my meditations, it is to take life as it comes.  

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