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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Multiple Selves Day 13 Year 2

Current Reading List

This week, I met a women who told me that each of us has many resident aspects of ourselves that we need to define, get to know and embrace.  I have given her theory consideration.  I believe she was talking about emotional components such as anger, grief, playfulness, curiosity etc... She was expressing a model that seemed reasonable, but I still found myself reserved about the idea.  After mulling over her premise for a few days, I was struck by one of those rare “AHA” moments.  The insight to my resident aspects of self happened to be lying on the coffee table.  Even today, with the addition of a Kindle to my life, I realized that paper and cardboard books are the most concrete evidence of my resident aspects.  Seen in that light, my interior world is as obvious as the titles of the books I am reading.

Fall from Grace by Richard North Patterson.  It’s a compelling novel set on Martha’s Vineyard.

Companion Through the Darkness  Inner Dialogues on Grief by Stephanie Ericsson.

one thousand gifts  A dare to live fully right where you are by Ann Voskamp

Photographing Martha’s Vineyard by Alison Shaw

The titles are straight-forward.  No magic with bunnies appearing from a top hat.
It’s not simply that the titles of the books reveal what is going on in my life at the moment.  What is equally telling is that three of the four books were perfectly, and lovingly, chosen by friends.  I plunked down the cash to buy Companion Through the Darkness myself after I read one of Stephanie Ericsson’s essays. I was deeply touched by that one sample of her work.  I knew I needed to read more. 

Here’s what those titles say about me.  I am a reader.  I like stories.  I am partial to Martha’s Vineyard. I am trying my hand at photography these days.  I have been through darkness on my life journey, but overwhelmingly, I find myself in the light, grateful for each step I take.  And my friends know, and accept me -- and all my parts, exactly as I am.

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