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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too Much Chocolate?

It is hard to imagine too much chocolate.  With bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate (70% cacao, of course), semi-sweet chocolate, un-sweetened chocolate and gianduja chocolate (with hazelnut paste) from which to choose, it would take a long time to have one’s pallet become immune to the flavors of chocolate.  Today was significant in one way.  I decided to make a recipe for Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies that my daughter recommended.   
In doing the preliminary legwork, I wanted to assess what I had on had, and what I needed to purchase. I knew there was baking chocolate on hand.  I had little idea How Much.  I suspect anyone peeking in the window at the exact moment when I began extracting piles of chocolate from the cabinet would suspect I had lost it.  I was laughing.  And not just a mild guffaw.  The number of bars of baking chocolate was nothing short of ..... well, too much chocolate!!
The saddest element of the whole find was the dates on the bars.  The “sell by” dates were neatly stamped on each bar.  They went back to 2007.  The most recent date was 2010.  The entire load of chocolate was relegated to the garbage pail.  I know how it happens, you are shopping, you think hmmmm, “Is there chocolate at home, better pick up some.” Over a period of months and years, your cabinet is bulging with past-dated chocolate.  There is one easy solution, of course.  Eat chocolate.  If you have it, use it.  Because, in my experience, if you save it, you lose it.  

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