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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hope Springs Maternal


This is an excerpt from my essay entitled, Hope Springs Maternal.

Hope Springs Maternal
Dawn Elise Evans

Hope is never a leap.  It’s a small series of little movements that hardly qualify as steps.  
Hopes comes unbidden but unceasingly. 
Hope is irresistible and seductive. 
Hope looks like sunshine or a ray of light, a smile, an hour in the garden.  
Hope is a friend’s call and offer to visit.  
Hope is shaped and molded by memories of the past. 
Hope, like love, when accepted and encouraged, can lift and sustain us.
Hope comes dressed as the promise of a tomorrow.
Hope trumps despair. 

The essay, in its entirety, may found at http://www.dawneliseevans.com/

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