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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Flower A Day

A lustrous bloom. dee

I have been looking forward to this day for some time.  This is college graduation weekend for my cousin’s son.  He and his family and his new girlfriend are coming to my house for a celebratory dinner tonight. I am not sure how I will hold up with managing the festivities then racing out the door for the special opportunity to view my own son’s entry in the Annual Williston Northampton Film Festival.  It is unclear, by the end of preparing the house and the meals for our guests, if I will have the stamina to get to the Festival. Despite my best intentions, I may simply unravel before the finish line.  As I laid the table for dinner, I reflected; before me, like stalwart soldiers, were the seven or eight bud vases I arranged in a row down the center of the table. Without much stretch of imagination, it could be divined that they were delivering a message to help ease any anxiety I might have.
These blossoms, each different, were vibrant and captivating.  No past, no future,
only their present incarnate glory was on display.  Perhaps an easy life lesson borne from such scrutiny is that it is well worth meditating upon a flower each day.  A lustrous bloom may bring a surprising glimpse of joy and a better temporal perspective.

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