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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dawn's Many Paths

In the file that I entitled, PATHS, I have about fifty photographs that I have taken of paths.  Again and again, I  am drawn to images that show the future, a direction in some unnamed direction, but certainly, ahead.  Whether in nature, or manmade, these paths represent possibility, hope, forward motion.  My heart does a little leap when I detect a path I might have missed -- a bike path, a foot path, a well-traveled lane that has its own history.
My Paths tend to be straight on and forward or have a gentle swoop off to the right before straightening out.  Most of my favorite photos have umbrellas of leaves, branches and big sky.  The influence of nature as a source of inspiration is inseparable from my vision of the world.  
My focus on paths is perfectly good fodder for an analyst's couch.  I can appreciate this.  What I can not fully understand was the stomach-rolling shock I experienced when I brought up the image of my sister's newly published book on Barnes and Noble. I planned to place an order of Deborah Reidy's book, Why Not Lead? A Primer for Families of People with Disabilities and their Allies.  The cover of her book was ...what else could it be?.....a path.  With a sudden flash of recognition, I realized that, perhaps, there is a genetic imperative to my fascination with paths. The nature/nurture debate allows the idea that there may have been something about our common parents that predisposed us to lives that ultimately, led us both down the same path.
Dawn's Many Paths

Deborah Reidy's Path
Why Not Lead?

My sister recently published her book, "Why Not Lead? A Primer for Families of People with Disabilities and Allies."  It is an achievement that represents a lifetime of study, reflection and work. Barnes and Noble describes it in the following manner.

Leadership can be exercised by anyone who cares enough. You don’t need to have a title, be charismatic, or even have confidence. You just need to be motivated to make a difference in the lives of people or causes you care about. In Why Not Lead? author Deborah E. Reidy provides a practical and accessible guide for families of people with disabilities and their allies who are motivated to bring about positive change and who are looking for guidance on their journey.
Drawn from decades of experience, Why Not Lead? uses a combination of case studies, short narratives, and personal exercises to provide an understanding of what leadership is, to assist in strengthening your motivation, and to deepen your understanding and application of core leadership practices.

I have the utmost respect for her accomplishment and urge any readers who have interest in the field to pick up a copy.  

://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/why-not-lead-deborah-e-reidy/1110476083?ean=9781462047628 http

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