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Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Boil an Egg and Other Challenges

At the end of the summer, I made some plans for the upcoming academic year.  
I intended to start a daily blog.  
I wanted to improve my verbal French - with a summer trip to France as my ultimate goal.
I wanted to take piano lessons.
I wanted to get stronger by doing regular physical therapy.
I am just about at the half-way point I realized today.  It was interesting to pause and reflect.  
I did start A New Dawn and continue to hone my writing skills on a generous and patient audience.
I bought Pimsleur’s Approach to French.  I have my I-tunes radio station tuned to www.love-radio.fr.  Today presented a particularly exciting moment when I realized that the background discussion of songs (most of which are American performers) was in French.  Out of nowhere, instead of understanding every third word out of ten, I understood what was being said!  Easily!  Sacre Bleu!
I began to take piano lessons.  My time being seated is limited. However, I have developed my own method of practicing piano -- either standing or sitting on a big exercise ball. (Bonus: my balance wh!le sitting on the ball and playing the pedal requires extra ab work so as not to roll away1)
I try to walk most days and I work on building my core and hip muscles. My new hips are beginning to seem like mine.
When I reflect back on these small accomplishments, I feel a measure of pride.  I am still learning.  I am still engaged in life.  The proof positive occurred this evening when I attempted to learn a new way to boil eggs. I enjoyed great success.

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