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Monday, August 31, 2015

All You Have to Do is Show Up.

Inkwell Beach Foam
 Often, I labor over the blog posting. I work hard on choosing the right image, bolstering it with the ideal word, and edit it until I feel willing to share it with the world.  Today is different. Today, the beach, in its wisdom, taught me that sometimes, to enjoy life, truly enjoy its many mysterious and wondrous ways........
............all you have to do is to show up. 
My good fortune was that I had my camera along to document some of the things I saw as I found my way to spend 90 minutes spent at Eastville Beach.

The Wharf - No Trespassing.
I trespassed. The secret is to act as if you belong.

The Shenandoah and the Black Dog cross paths.
A Painting in Motion

Vineyard Haven Harbor

A reminder of another Island, for another day.

The tourists, they keep coming.

A stop at Packer’s Wharf en route to Eastville.

A seagull clutching a wine bottle cork.

The seagull takes flight with the cork, not interested in sharing.

All of this perfection, and I simply showed up. Mindfulness training? I’ll take the sky, the sea, the sand and all that they offer.

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