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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

Working on the Internet is a little like falling down the Rabbit Hole in Alice In Wonderland.  I am inexperienced and I lack the necessary  knowledge as to how to navigate from place to place using sophisticated tools. I built my blog with the most minimal skills and I am still learning just how underdeveloped it is.  My son has sent me emails to help me learn how to promote my blog, how to improve it visually and how to make money by writing it.  The problem is that I don’t understand the emails!  I am educating myself, slowly, slowly, and with many missteps.  When I am learning, I find a thread and start to follow it. For instance, yesterday I committed myself to learning about Soundcloud.  Wikipedia explained, “SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. “  I didn’t think of looking up Wikipedia’s explanation until after I had already spent thirty or forty minutes inside the website investigating what it offered.  The web is an intellectual playground, but often I don’t know the games.  
Continually, I uncover more and more of what I do not know.  I see potential but do not know how to access it.
In discussing the considerable opportunities the future holds, 
my friend has urged me to learn how to use the Internet to market myself. 
“Package the whole deal,” she says. "Publish your book online.  Sell your advice.  Market your reflections.  Print dawneliseevans.com tee shirts for one and for all.  I see an empire.  It can by yours. It should be yours. Claim it!”  Her vision of my future included a product line that includes tools for spiritual-reflection, memoir-writing, self-actualization, organizing people’s lives, and organizing people’s stuff.  That’s all. 
Perhaps, just perhaps all of that is possible.  But how to get the whole caboodle off the ground if I can’t keep up with the technology?  
I have to decide if I actually have a marketable commodity.  From there, I need to assess whether some part of the whole might even be financially feasible.  If I am convinced that some, or all of this is possible, perhaps I could hire a navigator?   I wonder if the Rabbit might be available.

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