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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almighty Nature

Even the ducks take time to reflect.
A gale force wind blows.

Nature is the perfect teacher.
It understands the value of repetition.
It appreciates the lessons drawn from grand gestures.
It delivers gentle reminders and inflicts mighty punishments.
I have appreciated my last full day on Martha’s Vineyard on this trip; 
I have been keenly reminded that nature has its own laws and we 
simply move within its framework rather than our own.  As humans, we
strive to master our world, but to do so is vanity.  It is
reasonable to study the laws of nature and apply that knowledge to 
enrich our lives.  Ultimately, the laws of nature are immutable and we are all subject to nature's mastery.
Crocuses seek, and reflect, light.

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