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Monday, March 19, 2012


The peepers are out. Their sound is music that fills the springtime days.  Wikipedia reports that   The spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) is a small chorus frog widespread throughout the eastern USA and Canada. They are so much more than that to me, they are magic.  Where there are swamps and freshwater ponds, these frogs will be hidden. They can climb trees, but they prefer to be on the ground, taking umbrage under leaves. They will use small ponds that form temporarily and there, the peepers lay their larvae.  When the tadpoles are mature, the frogs depart, and the ponds dry up. The male peepers make a sound that sounds much like a chick's -- peep, peep, peep.
I have come to recognize that there is a seasonality to the sounds of nature here on Chestnut Mountain. Spring peepers, Summer grasshoppers, Fall geese, Winter coyotes.  This is the melody that plays while I keep a steady rhythm using the keystrokes on my laptop.  Can you hear it?

Cranberry Pond early in the morning.
The Connecticut River

My laptop allows me to keep rhythm. 

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