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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life's Little Gems

Designed and made by K. Akimoto

Life rarely allows me to wallow too long in self-pity.  Instead, an event or
a small occurrence happens along the way and manages to remind me of the multitudinous blessings that are manifest in my life.  Perhaps it is the the greatest of these are the congregation of people who willingly share
their gifts and their lives with me.  Together, we find our way.  
I was reminded of this today when a friend stopped by to see me.  She had mentioned that she might come by, but our plans had not been confirmed.  When she called to say she was on the way over, she asked if I needed anything.  I thanked her and said, “No, I am all set.”  However, she did as she saw fit and arrived with wine, chocolate cookies, an apple pie, and a tincture to treat pain.  From that list, it should be obvious that she knows my needs and tastes well.
We sat down to chat and,  for most of her visit, I found my eyes drifting from her face to her ears.  From each ear, an exquisite hand-wrought gold earring danced and shimmied.  There was a central stone the hung like a small pendulum inside a cage.  Below that were petite gemstones that added just the slightest of rotation to the earring.  The earrings together gave the impression of movement even when her head was still.  
What delighted me even more was that, when I complimented her on her jewelry selection, she disclosed she made the earring herself in a class she was taking. I was simply bowed that she had such a native ability to design and make jewelry.  We started looking though catalogs and she showed me pieces that inspired her work.  I showed her a piece I had considered ordering but it was $500 more than my $35 budget.  She promptly said, “I can make you one!”  A few quickly exchanged words about the details of length and materials and she moved onto another topic.  My mind was working the entire time and I confess I did not attend to our discussion properly.  I interjected, “Wait, I want to show you something.” 
I disappeared for a minute and returned with a beaded necklace in my hand.  “”A friend made this for me about seven years ago and it has gone everywhere with me. She just randomly came up to me and said that she knew I was having a hard time and that she wanted me to have something to brighten my day.  This necklace has gone with me to France and to Canada.  I have taken it to the Caribbean, to New York, to my surgeries and out to dinner in Northampton, MA..  It symbolizes love to me.  It reminds me that I am surrounded by numerous people that care about me, people who may not step forward until such time as they believe I need a nudge, a wink, a nod or a hug from them.  
When my friend offered to make me a necklace today, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that she is in my life. Further, I was struck by the fact that, once again, it took a simple piece of hand-made jewelry to remind me of just how blessed I am.

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