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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clotpoles and other such things

Tonight, my seventeen-year old son told me that he heard that “consistency is the key to success” on youTube.  This small piece of advice was meant as encouragement when I had to tear myself away from a frenzied search for a pair of Puma Dress Shoes in order to write my blog.  In the interest of reducing the risk of a run on this style of Pumas, I must withhold the name lest there is a sudden, crushing demand for this pair of shoes I cover because they are cute and offer sneaker-like comfort.  I should have ordered a full size larger as at least 65 of 73 reviewers suggested.  I only went up half a size.  The pair I received is slightly too small and now Nordstrom (a shining star of a department store) is sold out of the size I need.  I so love these shoes that I want to toss aside all of my other responsibilities so that I can hunt for a pair of these shoes in my size.  I can not remember a time in the past five years that I have been so utterly thrilled the look and (almost) feel of a pair of shoes. 
In the back of my mind is the voice of my son urging me not to let “my public” down.  He pointed out that I have led my readers to expect a product and it simply wouldn’t be fair not to deliver it.  The boy has the makings of a great salesman.   This morning he shared with me that there is a word in the English language that can be used to create a seven-word sentence....and it is the only word in the sentence!  For those of you who are drawn to word puzzles as I am, it is 
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

The evening, he introduced me to an Old English sentence generator that is raucously
humorous. It consists of three column of words. By selecting a word or phrase from each column you can become as creatively expressive as Shakespeare.
Thou droning full-gorged clotpole!
I find that I am completely off-kilter between shoes, buffalos, clotpoles (refers to a person who has limited intellectual capacity and resembles male genitalia). But I do know that the road to success has guardrails of consistency.  With that in mind, I have written my blog.  

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