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Monday, October 29, 2012

School Closings day 23 Y2

Hurricane Sandy on Martha's Vineyard

A photo album for your perusal:

For all practical purposes, schools in Massachusetts were closed today.  Even, universities locked their doors and asked students, professors, administrative staff and custodial crews not to report to work.  Hurricane Sandy is raging, making streets unsafe, and in some cases, impassable.  I have grown accustomed to the steady hum of the wind assaulting the house all day.  There is a roar that is accompanied by a melodic interval when gusts shriek off of the harbor.  
I, however, spent the entire day learning.  I learned about nature by being out in it. I took photographs to the limit of my strength and my camera’s ability to withstand the wind and the rain and the sea spray kicked up by the storm. The afternoon was put to good use.  I tutored myself in videography, practiced making slide shows and read up on techniques for working with audio files.  I was way out of my comfort zone.  The electricity flickered several times, the cable went out, but I forged forward. 
The most important take-away today was that I am vastly ill-equipped to use current technology to my full advantage.  There is a chasm between what I know and what I wish I knew.  I wanted to use “phone-a-friend” to get some help, but decided to wait until I could be with a flesh and blood technician rather than use Facetime or Skyppe. 
It would be reasonable to say that today was a bust since I was unable to accomplish what I had hoped to achieve.  However, I was warm, safe and dry while being able to appreciate what has been billed as the Storm of the Century.  How much more do I need than that to remember that my blessings are manifest?

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