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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Dinner Serves Us

Dinner conversation tonight was dominated by the Geeks and Nerds debate. For instance, my daughter read that people interviewed believed that Geeks could marry other Geeks, but Nerds must marry other Nerds. What is the fine line of distinction that delineates Geek from Nerd we wondered. Was it that Geeks are technophiles? Was it that Nerds are bookish and socially awkward? The topic is rich with material for sociological, ethical, psychological and historical consideration. I wanted to assign homework and convene tomorrow night to share our findings (hence my leanings toward Nerd), However, because it is unlikely that the same members of our family will gather for the next meal (due to vacations ending, school commitments and work schedules resuming) we simply laughed and shared the moment. These are the kinds of moments of my life that provide a memory bank rich with laughter and comradery and heavy with gratitude.

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