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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Red Sox

My grandmother, Elsie Beauchamp, died at just before her 92 birthday. She was an avid Red Sox fan until her last days. She listened to games on the radio or television long after she had barricaded herself in her little cottage for the night. That nocturnal ritual started around 5:30p.m.. Shutters were closed and both doors were double-locked and bolted on her 800 square foot home on the Methodist Campgrounds in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. I knew enough not to stop by after 6p.m. because she was loathe to undo the battlements until morning. In her self-imposed prison, by radio or television, came the sportscaster calling the Red Sox games. There were nights that she would sit up until 1a.m. due to rain delays and extra innings. For her, the games were a passion and a retreat. This back story is relevant because I tried on new socks today. I am brave enough to confess that I raided my husband’s sock drawer. It was magically replenished by thoughtful gift-givers over the holidays. Among my all-time favorite socks I have ever worn are a brand that make my feet happy and my toes dance; they are are Soft Socks. A friend introduced me to them one night when I had dressed for a formal dinner hosted by his wife and him. My strappy, high heels left my feet cold and uncomfortable. It was a raw, rainy night and I couldn’t get warm. He disappeared for a few minutes then returned with a pair of white crew socks. Not just any socks. The World's Softest Socks. I was hooked. For Christmas that year, I bought a pair for everyone on my list. It’s kind of funny. I had a hard time tracking down these socks recently. It took the opening of Kringle Candle for my sock pipeline to reopen. To my delight, The World's Softest Socks are sold through Kringle Candle in Bernardston, MA. I do not receive commission on this endorsement. Just happy feet. And the link between Elsie and The World's Softest Socks? In deference to my husband’s taste, when I committed petty thievery I chose the most flamboyant pair. Red. When I pulled them on, I looked down to admire the fit of my newly acquired pair of The World's Softest Socks. And that’s when I felt Elsie’s presence; it had to be the Red Sox.

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