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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Glimpse of History

My walk today took me by a small piece of history. It was unveiled by a cemetery situated in the center of South Deerfield, a town best known for the Battle of Bloody Brook in 1675 and for being the hometown on the flagship store of Yankee Candle Company.
Memorial Marker of Battle of Bloody Brook
Yankee Candle Flagship Store
The graveyard is set off the road by the narrow width of a sidewalk and a fence consisting of chain links. I was struck by the age and wear of the memorial stones. Many went back to the late 1700’s. There was a poignancy to the care that must have gone into wording the memorial message. Each letter was carved with skill and precision by a stone mason who was assured of steady work. I was intrigued by Mr. Samuel Barnard’s stone.
As I resumed my power walk, leaving behind the graveyard and all that it represented, I took one look back and it seemed like the loneliest place in town.
People and cars whizzed by without the least pause. The few pedestrians I saw had their thoughts turned inward and their sights turned outward, anyway but toward the graveyard. Little reflection was expended on the markers of the many people who once were beloved and cherished friends and family members. We are living history. Each day, our lives are as much a part of history as Mr. Barnard’s.

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