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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Infinitas Infinitio

I have made friends with a community of people who spend a great deal of time on the Internet.  I have had the good fortune to have had some of them step right off my computer screen into my life (or so it seems at times).  Others, people who have befriended, encouraged, and, at times, counseled me, I have never seen, I have never heard their voices and some live as far away as Australia.  The simple process of getting to know some of these people has proven to be surprisingly revealing.  I am answering questions about myself for them.  Questions that I stopped asking a long time ago.  Today, Grace asked me what are the things that make me smile.  My list is long, it consists of both global and detailed things.  In a truth that seems counter-intuitive, I have found that, as my health issues intrude on my life, I find more things to smile about. This is because I am retraining myself to find the delights in each day and every moment.  I am not always successful.  There are times that I am pulled away from that practice and find myself overcome by life’s hardships.  However, I am uncommonly blessed to have friends and family in my life who help me over those land mines.
My smiles are spontaneous and heartfelt, even when they come through a veil of tears. 
I started to generate a list, but, to my surprise, it became evident that the list could never be finished in my lifetime.  Everyday, even during some of the bleakest moments in my life, I find something to smile about.  It is because of this childlike wonder in which I view the world that I may seem too “sweet” to some people.   I have received that “feedback” but it rolled off like water off a duck.  If that is my most reviled quality, I am doing okay!  And I find myself smiling at that joke.
The sight and/or sound of my children
My husband’s smile
My friends in any form
A glimpse of sun on a grey day
The funny words that inadvertently pop up on my cell phone due to Predictive Text. 
Youtube videos, especially those screened by my son   (This one is a mystery of the wild.)
Flowers, just about anytime
A bakery
A kindness shown by others
You’ve Got Mail... who can resist a comedic love story?
My ineptitude when I am learning new skills
My niece and nephew, my friend’s young daughters and children, in general
The sound of birds early in the morning
The sight of a cardinal

Views from a morning walk

..Infinitas Infinitio

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