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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grey Days

On a dreary, November day, when the skies are grey and the sunrise is hidden from view, a visit to the grocery store picks up my spirits. I love looking at the seasonal
choices - turkeys, cranberries and pumpkin. Yams and green beans and rolls. I see possibility when I look at cinnamon, possibility when I see Bell’s poultry seasoning. I forgot that Thanksgiving was next week! It was the abundance of autumnal fare that brought the holiday into focus. As my friend helps me by pushing my cart through the aisles of the grocery store, my mind drifts to my plans for the holiday this year. As I scroll down the list of people I love and those whom have shared a Thanksgiving meal with me previously, I pause to consider each one. The list of former guests is long. It includes...
My mother has been gone for 18 months and I miss her every day. Recently, my father relocated to the Holyoke Soldier’s Home. He plans to eat with my sister and brother-in-law next week. My good friend, Paul, is well into his nineties as is his mother-in-law (now, that is a complicated algebra equation!). They will be celebrating with their immediate family. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their two children will be joining her family for a large and festive gathering. There was a time when Thanksgiving guests filled my house to overflowing and I had to make two turkeys to make sure there would be enough turkey meat to serve guests the next day. My 2011 Thanksgiving will be intimate and special because it will be spent with my children and husband this year. After a year of tremendous challenges, I am looking forward to spending a day reflecting on the many blessings that enrich my life and sharing them with my family.
The grocery cart is rolling past fish - “I’ll take some fish.” -- and green tea --”Let’s get some, Snapple is my favorite.” I am pulled back to the task at hand. However, first I must practice a moment of Budhist reflection. I need to focus on what is present in the here and now. Open my eyes a bit wider. Just then, I see the brilliant colors of apples and oranges that could grace my table. Another gift of beauty in a life that has grey days.

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  1. Usually when I go for groceries and buying other home stuff for occasions and large events, I usually purchase in stores that offers low price and bulk discount.

    Congrats to you and enjoy your upcoming thanksgiving party.