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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Viral Video

Who ever thought I would be jealous of my son’s quasi-success? I have to admit that I am. In a good way. In a way that includes lots of laughter and my admonishment, “Language, C., Language.” Over a year ago, Charles filmed a friend playing with an exercise ball. He posted the clip on You-tube that day so his friends could see their horseplay. He entitled it “Big Green Ball Fail.”
This afternoon, Charles showed me the post. First I gave my good-mother speech...did the boys in the film know this clip was posted? Yes? Do you understand that the foul language was not necessary and I don’t approve? Then, those duties addressed, I couldn’t help but laugh at the silly thing boys will do with free time, a camera, and a yoga ball. Charles held my laptop awkwardly while I viewed the You-tube video. He moved his hand and revealed that over 52,000 people have viewed his 34 second video! While this isn’t exactly a viral video, we were both astonished that the clip -- intended to make his friends laugh -- had a much larger audience.
I spent six years writing my book, A Growing Season. Some day, I hope an agent will take it and sell it to a publishing house. Meanwhile, I continue to write my blog, write my essays, and keep working on my second novel, Whately Prep. I am unlikely to have viral success as a wordsmith. But maybe, someday, I will have my very own, hard-earned, audience.

Link to Big Green Ball Fail
Caution: this video may contain objectional language. I will have my very own, hard-earned, audience.

Link to Big Green Ball Fail or What teenage boys do with their free time.
Caution: this video may contain objectionable language.

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