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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Bio-Mat

I am lying on the Bio-Mat 2005 MX Amethyst with my computer an arm’s length away, resting on my lap. From what I gather, this experience of lying on a bed of heated amethyst crystals can offer substantial benefits to health. The literature purports that I can expect the following:
Reduction of Stress due to increased circulation and downtime used while spending time on the mat.
B. Relief of Fatigue due to increased circulation and emission of lactic acid from muscle tissue.
C. Relief of Stiff Muscles due to increased circulation and secretion of lactic acid from muscle tissue.
D. Soft Tissue Repair due to molecular level rebuilding processes increased enhancing DNA synthesis through all stages of repair.
E. Relief from Arthritis due to increased circulation around joint areas. An increased metabolic rate and downtime allows the body to furnish building components for cartilage repair.
F. Immune System Boost due to simulation of infection causing an autoimmune reaction.
G. Lower Blood Pressure due to the increased area of capillary, arteries and veins.
Alright, when I read these claims, I have to suspend doubt. It all seems to be too good to be true. A close friend is letting me borrow the Bio-Mat to see if the mat can help kickstart healing at the cellular level. She researched it and felt it would benefit her husband. While he takes a break from using it, I am taking advantage of the mat’s properties; The amethyst crystals are key. There are advantages to believing in crystals. They do not require hospitals, doctors, needles or time removed from my family to promote healing. There are no side effects that I can measure except that the mat is significantly harder than the feather bed on which I usually lie. Regardless of what effect the crystals are having, the penetrating heat is relaxing. If the mat does not deliver as promise, I will still be better off than I was yesterday. As long as I am using it, I am having a direct infusion of hope.

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