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Friday, November 11, 2011

Many Hands

We carry each other.
In ways, great and small, we find ways to carry each other over the chasms, through the darkness, into the light.
There are times that the Universe seems to drop obstacles into our lives that seem insurmountable and to deliver conditions that seem unbearable. From gestures of kindness to acts of valor, we reach out to those about whom we care. In a period of turbulence in my own life, I am deeply touched by the presence of friends and family who do not turn from me. Over the past nine months, I lost two arthritic hips, said good-bye to one long-time friend, and buried a favored aunt. Over the same period, I gained two functional hips, rediscovered distant cousins, witnessed the rebirth of human spirit as a woman took her first steps on a prosthetic leg and began the long, slow ascent back into light. Along the way, I find the comfort of many hands of propelling forward. During this transitional period in my life, I try to appreciate the strength of loving relationships and find a way to embrace the blessings that are manifest in my life. In economic terms, the gain in assets clearly outstrips losses for the past three quarters. The best way to secure these gains is to make sure my hands are outstretched and ready to do the same for others.

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