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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Denver Impressions Day 41 Y2

Denver Aquarium School of Fish

Nurse Shark

A few Denver impressions:
-Cab drivers here who are taciturn, rude and in other ways unpleasant are not likely to receive generous -- if any - tips from me.  The others, the polite ones, can count on me.
-Powerball tickets in Colorado are at a record high.  The payout is $500 million.  They are generating lots of attention.  I thought of buying one, but didn’t find a store before heading back to my hotel.  
-I visited Capital Hill and took in the historic center of the state.  The air is, indeed, thin. A bit more work is involved in breathing at a mile above sea level -- I, for one, notice the difference. 
-How does Denver boast an aquarium when it is a landlocked state?  I wondered about this, but when I visited it today, I was impressed.  I was thrilled to see sharks and barracudas, groupers and lots and lots of toddlers.  The toddlers were entranced by the fish, but more so by the mermaids that came and did a show in the ginourmous tank.  
-Denver is flat.  Out of downtown Denver rises very tall, reflective residential towers and office buildings.  The population of Denver and environs is 1.2 million, I have been told. This figure is misleading because the population is spread across a large area of open space.
There is plenty of room to explore.

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