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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tinkerbell Day 36 Y2

                   Tinkerbell by Dawn Elise Evans

My computer is out of room. It's a MacBook Air and I have been urging it to be a MacBook Pro.  Unfortunately, my good intentions do not suffice to change it's architecture.  The 8000 photos that I have stored on this laptop are using too much space. I started to transfer photographs to an external hard drive, but ran into a snag when I tried to manipulate them.  To make a long story short, I have been faced with purging as many photos as possible.  By doing so, I will free up my computer to rip ahead with new creative ventures.  As I deleted, I did my best to drag and drop the selected photos into the garbage with as little emotional attachment as possible.  I said to myself, 
"This one is blurry.  This one is a duplicate.   This one is over -exposed,  under-exposed.  Wait!  This one is Tinkerbell!  Without any retouch or revision, the picture snared my immediate attention.  At a time in my life that seems particularly fraught with challenges and grey skies, the unheralded visit of Tinkerbell in a random photo causes me to pause, for just an instant, and smile.  "If you believe in fairies, then clap your hands.  Tinkerbell, will get well, if you clap your hands."  The familiar words from Peter Pan run through my thoughts.   I did not delete this photo.   

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