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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cupcake Humor. Day33. Y2


What follows is my most recent email to my former newspaper editor. 

Hi Margot, 
I couldn't let the day go by without sending you a quick email. Over the weekend, I had a brainstorm! My son brought me a bakery box of treats.  Among the morsels was a small cupcake.  I debated how to tackle that chocolate cupcake with all the seriousness of a strategic plan for a Fortune-500 company.  I studied my angle of attack. How best to bite into it so that I could enjoy both cake AND frosting simultaneously?  I have often noticed that I have to wade through a lot of cake in cupcakes.  I seek that   moment of utopia when the amount of cake corresponds with the frosting in a one to one ratio. When that serendipity occurs, each bite is perfection.  Why? Why, I wondered do we make cupcakes so tall that they almost overwhelm the frosting?  I considered one option;  I could bake the cupcakes, cool and slice. The next step would be to sandwich the cake around the frosting.  Still, too much cake. I googled the topic and found nothing relevant to my profound -- and obvious idea.  The answer is simple. Short Cupcakes.
I have not proposed to write a food piece for the newspaper in a long time.  However, my enthusiasm for this idea and my desire to share it with others is quite compelling.  I would present my hypothesis, bring the readers along for a ride as I test it, and, with a little luck, create an entire new industry.  Hey, I was there -- years ago -- espousing the need to sell muffin tops.  Did I have an audience?  NO.  This time, I am not keeping mute.  I think I am on to something here.  How many words would you like me to use to tell you all about it?  
With a good deal of humor and my fondest wishes,

I was disappointed when I received a boomerang email that informed that Margot is out of her office for two weeks.  Well, the time can serve to allow me to perfect my recipe for short cupcakes.
Do you suppose I would have any takers?

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