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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bridge and a Prayer Day 35 Y2

Light-filled walkway

A close friend of mine had a stroke a few days ago.  His wife, who is one of my dearest friends, is handling the uncertainty with grace and tremendous strength.  I checked into  
a nearby hotel so I could be available if I could be of any help to her or their family. When she called to ask me to come see her, I knew the way.  Past experience taught me that there was a convoluted path to the hospital; by using an interior system of walkways, bridges and tunnels, several Boston area hospitals are connected to each other.  As I wended my way to the hospital, my mind was full of angst and tumult.  I wondered how I would collect myself before I saw my friend. Just then, I glimpsed a sign that directed me to one more walkway before the escalator that would deposit me in the hospital’s main lobby.  It was there that I intended to meet my friend. I rounded the corner to the walkway and I was literally, bathed, simply awash, in sunshine. The light cascaded in through the glass from all directions.  I stood absolutely still for a moment.  Waves of people flowed around me, moving like the tide in, the tide out.  I was overcome by the brilliance of white light that streamed into the area.  Just as my thoughts had gone to a very dark place, light flooded my vision and they disappeared. 

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil -- 
Thou art with me.

With the comforting words of the Lord’s prayer echoing in my head, I moved forward. 

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