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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Being There Day 28 Y2

My son at work (picture taken with permission)

Hurricane Sandy has had a wide-reaching impact on many aspects of life.  The major losses of life and property outweigh all of the other annoying, frustrating and sometimes comical aspects of life after the storm.  There was one unexpected development....some colleges and universities made the decision to delay the due date for Early Action College Applications from November 1st to November 6th.  For my son who is a senior in high school, that was the break he needed; the pressure of keeping up with schoolwork, delivering 100% at his internship, getting a new film project off of the ground and completing his Early Action application has grown increasingly intense.  The changed deadline, like a break in traffic, granted him a reprieve; he used it to put his foot to the pedal, shoot ahead in the small gap between moving cars, cross two lanes of traffic and make it safely to an exit.  For me, it has been a hair-raising, hair-pulling ride.  My son was a “hair’s-width” away from completing his application when I came home to lend my support during the final days before submission.  I had no idea the amount of pleading, cajoling, threatening, rationalizing and finally, writing that could fit into a hair’s width.
We have mountains and hills from which to yell. Not so many rooftops.  However, wherever you are as you read this, I hope you can hear me yell through cyber-space.
HE DID IT!!!  Done, done, done. 
Let the waiting begin. 

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