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Monday, December 3, 2012

There's No Place Like Home Day 42 Y2

Reflection of light in window.
Sunset at Home

I have not practiced sufficient discipline recently.  With all the reasons that life can provide, I have found justification for omitting my practice of daily writing and walking; I consider these essentials to my healthy balance in life.  These two pursuits have slipped from my consciousness and been replaced by the demands of travel, life and children.  This morning, I promised  myself that I would return to my daily practice of writing and walking.  Yet, the clock was not my friend. It seemed to race forward despite my best intentions to beat it.  Finally, I saw that the light was beginning to ebb from the sky.  I decided to seize the moment, and my sneakers.  I chose my special kicks today -- the ones bearing my name that my friends gave me one Christmas -- and I drove down the quarter mile hill that constitutes my driveway.  At the bottom, I set off for a walk on level ground.  I squeezed in a mile but noticed that, as I closed on a mile, my pace was slowing like an a run-down clock.  Never-the-less, I covered the distance.  I drove back up the driveway, puttered around for a few minutes then turned to identify the source of the glowing light; the sky was illuminated in rose.  The light seemed to imbue everything with an inner glow.  When I looked down at my feet, my sneakers were every bit as glorious as Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz --- and, after all my recent traveling, I already knew the secret...”There’s no place like home.”

Dawn's Kicks


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