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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Puddles Day 46 Y2

The rain has fallen more or less steadily for the past 24 hours. It has matched my mood, creating a stillness within the veil of rain. Early this morning, I donned a fleece, a raincoat, scarf, hat, gloves and an umbrella.  I pulled on my boots, sturdy and waterproof. The rain fell through a 40 degree atmosphere. No ice, just cold, bone-penetrating, damp cold.  It was with exceptional pleasure that I went for a walk.  I slushed through ice-chilled puddles and looked for the deepest ones I could find. I stomped, I kicked, I splashed and I celebrated the rain. The rain carried with it the joy of childhood for me. For twenty minutes, I played in the rain under the guise of taking a walk; an easy way to cast off the mantle of adulthood and embrace all that is magical about being young. The rain, a puddle and a jump.

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