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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parking Garage Hell

Okay, I was officially lost in parking garage hell tonight.  There are no photos of the event, but, let me tell you, it was ugly.  My daughter and I were in Providence Place Mall  tonight -- making purchases for her new apartment.  To depart, we were instructed  to descend two levels to the demarcated Exit Sign.  After doing so, we found the exit was closed.  That’s right. It was blocked off.  Any and all cars hesitated as they arrived, momentarily stunned by this state of affairs.  Detour signs instructed us to follow the arrows to another exit.  We did so, descending ever deeper into the bowels of the garage.  Instead of funneling traffic into a single departure lane, suddenly the single lane, two-way traffic gave way to one-way, two lane traffic. It made absolutely no sense that we could see.  Given the POLES in the middle of the ramp, it was tricky going.  When finally, yes, finally, after defensive driving maneuvers worthy of the Grand Prix, we saw glimpses of light above us, we celebrated the possibility of escape.  What we did not anticipate, however, was that the EXIT was also an ENTRANCE to an Interstate 95 North on-ramp.  Only if we made a quick right turn did we avert being dumped onto the major highway that runs from Maine to Florida.  We breathed a collective sigh of relief when we turned right and found ourselves headed on a one way street outside of the parking garage. 

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