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Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping a Vineyard Eye


I walked into town this morning, under the misty, gusting sky. As I studied the houses, the people and the harbor as I passed by, I was struck by the many ways that I view the Island as unique. Part of my perspective is due to the fact that it IS unique.  The topography, the geography, the history, the culture and the community of this place are created and affected precisely because it is an Island.  It is subject to the influence of constant, unrelenting change.  The ocean erodes the shore.  The wind deposits near barriers of sand.  The influx of cultural groups affect languages, foods and customs.  The community has social stratum defined by financial,
educational and experiential differences.  On a whim, I started to take a new kind of photograph of Martha’s Vineyard today.  I asked myself, “What if I try to capture images of people, places and things that are unique to the Vineyard at any given moment?”   Here are the first few photos in a collection I hope to create.  I know with utter certainty that my photographs will preserve an instant that will pass from our collective memories as easily as the weather changes.  
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