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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lost and Found


I lost myself today.
And I wanted to.
I was ready to lay down my worries, put aside my cares.  As beloved as each child is, as special as each friend is, and as legitimate are the work-a-day concerns that lay claim to my mind, I wanted peace.  I was out for respite.
As I drove home from unburdening my sorrows on my friend’s doorstep, I did not feel the lift that usually comes from sharing the load.  My eye caught on the white caps that were kicked up by the strong afternoon sea breeze. In a moment of knowing, I gave myself over to the ocean that called me.  Parking at the town boat ramp, I left my phone in the car, grabbed my camera and turned my vision outward. I looked for scenes that told a story, shots that held meaning unto themselves. I moved, I repositioned, I stalked, The water, the grass, the sand and the sky claimed me for their own.  As this happened, they caused me to push away all thoughts and anxieties that had so recently caused me distress. 
By the time I returned to my car, I returned lighter.  I was found.

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