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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brain Frontiers

from Prevention.com

Cognitive Fitness has been proven to be a way to ward off aging, cut car crash risks, improve response to visual information and increase confidence.  Getting older and staying youthful can be managed with positive outcomes. The brain is not a muscle, but it needs exercise and it requires stimulation to stay fit.  I learned much of this while watching a show on neural-plasticity called Brain Fitness Frontiers.  Before seeing this fascinating documentary, I had my suspicions.  This was exactly why I embarked on my own version of mental brain workouts this year.  I started to read in French again.  This fall, I will be meeting with a native of France for tea and conversation to practice the language orally.  I started playing games online on a website called Lumosity.com. They have a free program, and if users desire, they can opt for my sophisticated play by purchasing a package.  I started using Ancestry.com. Following the little leaves that hold clues to my family’s past is lot like being a detective and collecting clues.  I made the commitment to write a daily blog, pushing myself to learn, read and articulate ideas.  I returned to piano lessons with gusto, if not talent. I expanded my reading materials, pulling into the net things that, in the past, I might have overlooked. All the while, I have felt like I am turning the edges of puzzle pieces, flipping them this way and that, aligning colors and patterns so that I can drop them into place.  I am not altogether certain what the puzzle I am solving is, but I feel like when I am successful at doing so, I will be able to surge ahead with clarity and direction.  
One of the renowned doctors from UCLA closed the show on Brain Fitness Frontiers with the comment that, “The more the struggle, the more the brain improves itself.”   
If that is true, I am on a assured path of self-improvement. 

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