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Monday, September 12, 2011

Yogurt beats Thrift

When I first embarked upon this endeavor, it occurred to me that, in all likelihood, I would reveal aspects of my character that I would otherwise have kept hidden under a rock. Small price, I thought, for the satisfaction of doing something wholeheartedly as writing a daily blog for an entire year.
Today brings with it the first big reveal -- my attitude toward Money. I felt this topic was important enough to touch on early in the game. You may run, my views are not popular. In today’s world of instant gratification and easy credit, my tight fist seems archaic. It’s true, I am very careful about the way I manage and spend money. I look for value. I will spend three hours on the Internet looking for a twenty percent coupon on a purchase. I have done an analysis of my time versus savings. If I can save $45 dollars, I will spend three hours. For $30, I will scour the web for two hours looking for money-saving offers. Basically, I bill out my time at $15 hour. I am not the kind of crazy spendthrift that now boasts a show of her own (though, the idea of a $2.09 grocery bill appeals to me, how many jars of marmalade can one family use?). I am just a practical-I-have-three-tuitions-to-pay mom. I don’t add enough to our joint income tax to warrant reporting, so part of my contribution to keeping this ship afloat is the careful distribution of funds for good and services. And why, you might ask, this discourse on my financial frugality?
It comes down to yogurt.
I love, beyond all reason, Fage Honey Yogurt. The idea of a little cup of honey and a petite serving of yogurt appeals to some child-like part of me that loved tea parties and finger foods. The Fage Honey Yogurt is not, in any way, part of my regime of careful spending on groceries. First, the brand itself far out-prices its competitors. Then, rather than buy the 16 oz. tub and earn the savings there, I choose a smaller size. Finally, I actually pay more for the Honey Yogurt then plain Fage Yogurt because I am sacrificing the volume of yogurt and replacing it with honey. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this one small vice of mine. Yet, thanks to the wonder of advertising, I have found a way to put my mind at ease. Finally, I can justify the undue expense of funding my Fage Honey Yogurt Habit. Appropriating the L’Oreal tagline, I stockpile Fage Honey Yogurts ……Because I am worth it.

Day 8

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