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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scoop on Groupon

Scoop on Groupon
Day 17

My daughters introduced me to the concept of BIG savings offered daily by a seemingly random selection of companies. By definition, that's Groupon. Daily specials lure me. The window to purchase the item is often 48 hours. If I spend ten minutes reflecting, I generally defer until the next day my big BUY decision. If I wake up thinking about it, I will sign in to Groupon and spend money.
As I review my history of purchases, I see the broad assortment of items that have managed to woo me. Among them are...

$10 for $20 at Broadside Books
$10 for $20 at Web’s Yarn
$40 for $80 for custom framing
$40 for $80 in American Eagle clothes
$75 for $150 flight lessons at Northampton Airport

I have made about 20 Groupon purchases since January. I even have the app on my iphone. What I don’t buy often tempts me, propelling me to research beds to ceramic flat irons. It's a way to learn about the world at large.
Hey, could I use a Brake King oil change? Today it is $9 for a $20 oil change.
I find myself pondering things, item by item, to see if they fit in my life or my lifestyle.
Over the past year, I can see how clearly the choices I make reflect who I am – in ways I had never considered.
The big decision today is regarding the Knork. I have spent thirty minutes reading about this product, following the links and watching the video on this innovation on the traditional fork. Rachel Ray says its her new favorite item. This fork is cleverly designed to allow the user to lever through food with just the slightest pressure. I am tempted, but I will practice moderation and wait until tomorrow before clicking on the BUY button.
Day 17

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