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Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have always loved doing word puzzles. This morning, I spent an hour doing puzzles and testing my brainpower on www.lumosity.com. I expect that I will be unqualifiedly successful at math problems and am constantly surprised when I am not!
Please, put away the suduko. I have read lately that the regular use of the brain in ways that cause it to stretch in new ways is one of the key factors in staving off dementia. The number of online sites that offer free puzzles reflects the growing need for that kind of stimulation. Music lessons, art projects, and blogs are also valuable contributors to sound exercise for the brain.
Since I was very young, I enjoyed putting together picture puzzles. I liked bringing order out of the many irregular pieces. I liked watching a picture emerge from the colors and multi-edged pieces. I always start with the edges. It occurred to me that by the end of the year, when I have written 365 blogs, I will have nothing more than 365 pieces of the puzzle that, together, will begin to define me. The colorful anecdotes, the mundane observations, and the occasional illuminating thoughts that I will have shared are simply pieces of me. As I mull this over, I don’t find it puzzling at all.
Day 21

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