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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I heard the news today, oh boy...."

I do not make it a habit of watching the evening news. I can find out about the world during the day from NPR, online reports of the New York Times, or early morning tv
news. I find the evening news disagrees with digestion and over-all well-being. Tonight, I made an exception. Here are some of the highlights I took away when filtered through my own, admittedly, biased screen of life experiences.
Chelsea Clinton was interviewing Hilary Clinton on-stage at a Clinton-sponsored forum.
Chelsea’s hard-hitting questions concluded when she took time to reflect that she taught her mother to text and added that her father calls the Internet the World Wide Web. It was a mother-daughter relationship as convoluted as any of the millions of other mother-daughter relationships in the world. Except theirs’ has the benefit of cameras trained on them for a good part of the time.
Bullying continues to be a source of major concern in the U.S.. There is a conference going on to discuss strategies to eradicate bullying. This, while a 14-year old boy killed himself in Buffalo, N.Y. because of incessant bullying because he was gay. Lady Gaga, his idol, has taken the stage repeatedly to bring to bear her belief that we are all due respect just the way we are.
Family dinners are one of the biggest predictors of children staying out of trouble – drugs, teen pregnancy, jail. While family dinners may not be as idyllic as
Leave it to Beaver would have led to believe, there is a magic that they impart that can be reproduced no other way.
I will have to completely leap over the political climate and economy world-wide. That is too very depressing.
There were commercials about medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, depression, and coronary disease. Other commercials touted salves to make women more youthful, cars that would make men more powerful. Delicious, low-calorie foods promised good health and weight loss.
After my thoughtful attention for half an hour, I was left wondering if I have been a good mother and a good parent. Do my children have a chance? What of the many mistakes I have made as a parent? Did I do a good enough job? And incidentally, am I aging prematurely, might I be depressed, am I getting sufficient nutrients?
All in all, it was as I remembered. The Beatles had it right.
"I heard the news today, oh boy…"
Day 18

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