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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A diet of Hope

My life is run on hope. I will write about it often over the course of the year. In my view, hope is what makes a good life possible. Without hope, we no longer strive to get to a better, happier, more-fulfilling, place. Without hope, we live with the numbness wrought by despair. Hope is as much a part of my daily diet as the large quantities of protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium that I ingest to encourage neurogenesis. I was reminded of hope when I was sweeping the front porch today. There, covered in a slight hue of mildew black, were the two white wooden rockers that I had set outside so hopefully at the start of the summer. I would have to wipe them down before putting them away for the season… On the other side of the porch hung the glider. It was wedged with four cushions I had placed in invitation of an intimate chat or an hour with a book. The cushions looked weather worn and weary. I don’t remember seeing anyone sit there this summer. The three children were spread to the four corners and my husband was too busy to linger. I was rehabilitating from a hospital stay elsewhere. Even as I calculate the chores I will have to accomplish before storing the furniture, I am considering how I might refreshen the paint on the chairs for next summer. Maybe I will sew new cushion covers, too. I just know that, next summer, I will find the time to sit in one of the rockers to take time to enjoy the beauty of Chestnut Mountain and the expansive canopy of blue sky above. Hope, a companion worth keeping.
Day 14

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