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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Westbrook Runs

Today was a day to which I dedicated much of my day to learning. I started learning how to create web-based marketing strategies and found that, somehow, I lost three hours. It was 9:45 when I first started out on the odyssey. When I lifted my head up from concentrating on my computer screen, I found the clock across the room said it was 12:48 pm. I pushed my computer glasses down my nose to better engage my distance vision. Still 12:48. Finally, I checked the computer screen. It was now 12:49 pm. I felt like I spent the morning discovering all the things I don’t know. Yet, even with the acute awareness of how much I have to learn, there was the familiar thrill of learning. I enjoyed trying to understand how the things I was absorbing might apply to my work as a writer. It is a profoundly different world technologically than when I published my first article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette in 1980.
I made lunch, threw in a load of laundry and emptied the dishwasher before returning to my laptop. There, I spent two hours cleaning house on my computer so I could be certain I was getting full speed out of it. Suddenly, it was time for the quick run to the post office for mail. Meeting Kevin, the postmaster, is part of my daily ritual. Today, he had two packages for me. I was telling him how the morning’s torrential rain had created wash-outs in my driveway. Part of my road was nearly under water. Just as I said that, a mind-blowing clap of thunder caused us both to jump, then to laugh. Just one boom, and that thundercloud passed over. Heading back uphill to my house, I was amazed how the quiet, lazy, winding brook that usually meanders along Westbrook Road had swelled to flood level and was racing wildly downstream. I stopped to shoot a few pictures before tucking my very wet feet back in the car and going home. As a measure of my small technological gain today, I am proud to have posted my very first You-Tube video.
Perhaps, I should have oriented the camera horizontally when I was filming, but hey, I am still learning.
Day 24

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