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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silver Linings

I was particularly pleased with what I accomplished yesterday. I had hired a young woman to help me with the task of putting away my spring and summer clothes. My closet is not large enough to accommodate everything simultaneously, so this is a necessary rite of season.
Silver Lining: I spent 2 1/2 hours with a perfectly lovely 23 year-old woman who is excited about life and what the future holds for her. She is earning her master’s degree in occupational therapy. By nature, she is a compassionate person, but she was also organized, and fashion-savvy enough to advise me on pointed-toes shoes or skirt-lengths.
In fairly quick order, we sorted into piles clothes to share with others, clothes to sell to a second-hand store or those that need repair before wearing. We discussed ideas to reorganize my closet and, the big bonus, we emptied two boxes from the basement. The elimination of boxes from basement storage is a project that has lasted six years thus far. Every collapsed box helps.
Among the clothes that I will try to sell are numerous pairs of pants. When I exercised due diligence by trying them on before putting them away, I discovered more than half of my skirts and pants no longer fit. At first, I was appalled. My weight is less than last year, but my clothes don’t fit? Panic! Then it struck me; my new hips! Out came the tape measure and sure enough, I boast an extra two inches on my once nonexistent hips.
Silver Lining: I will have to replace some of my clothes due to my prostheses. Hmmm. A legitimate reason to shop.
While we were rooting through storage bins, I decided to pull out the winter coats and hats and mittens for the family. It took a bit of extra time and hauling, but it is satisfying to open the mudroom door and see the rows of boots, the boxes of gloves, hats and scarves. Coats in all sizes and colors hang at the ready for the first cold snap.
Silver Lining: I am fortunate enough to have clothes warm enough to serve in this climate. I know my children will be well-equipped this winter, and I will still have enough to share with those less fortunate than we are.
As the cold, bone-chilling days of winter come closer with each revolution of the earth, I watch the days grow shorter. Sunrises bring light but less warmth. I turn to nesting to give me a sense of control over the impeding change in season. I will be ready for whatever winter delivers.
Silver lining: I have flannel sheets for my bed and plans to travel to the tropics at the beginning of the new year.
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