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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Martha Stewart and I

Last week, I was channel-surfing when I happened upon Martha Stewart with her round vowels and elongated syllables as she touted the joy of naturalizing bulbs. She had, as her guest, a gentleman from Holland and a famed landscape designer who has designed the largest bulb garden in the world. Okay, my interest was piqued. Years ago, at our home in Sunderland, I planted 100 daffodil bulbs from White Flower Farm. I buried another 50 tulip bulbs. Over the years, they slowly filled in the pool area and I felt like I had accomplished something that elevated our vision of spring annually. In the six years since we moved to Chestnut Mountain, I have resisted planting bulbs. On a ten-acre lot, where would I begin? But then my husband put up a twelve feet fence and my mission was defined. With Martha's encouragement and my husband's carpentry, I could envision tulips and narcissus plants, hyacinths and tulips blooming next year. Martha's film crew set up a time-lapse camera and in two minutes, we watched a year of her 110,000 blue-hued bulbs transform from bulb to plant to withered leaves. It occurred to me I could do a smaller scale show and tell on my blog. So, here we go... I bought the bulbs. I will bury them in their deep soil nests and hope that deers disregard them, that the winter freeze doesn't burn them and that the warm rays of sunlight will lure them to the surface next spring. Stay tuned.

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  1. I can so relate to you! Sounds like something I'd do, with no regard for my current state. Some things are more important!