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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kitchen Rivalry

My sister gave me a wedding shower before I was married. The gifts I received were generous and varied. There were the requisite naughty nightgowns and the ubiquitous bowls and two crystal serving platters. One present, in particular, has maintained a place of honor on my kitchen counter for about thirty years. My mother could not attend the shower, but she sent an Oster blender to my sister to give to me. My mother had had one when I was growing up and knew I used it often when I lived at home. I appreciated the gift.
About ten years ago, my mother gave me a replacement blender, explaining that that the first one she gave me must have worn out by now. I was delighted by the appearance of the shiny new appliance...until I used it for the first time. The motor was a sorry cousin to the one I was still using. I had taken care of my blender; over the years, I replaced the seals on my Osterizer and I ordered a new lid, when mine melted in the dishwasher. However, no matter what I threw at it, the motor on Osterizer #1 chopped, pureed, and liquified with ease. I can't say the same about Osterizer #2. It's motor was weak and puny. I repackaged #2 and donated it to the Salvation Army after giving it a few month's trial. Out came my favored wedding shower blender. It has continued to serve me well.
Then, I had a brief summer affair with a Vitamixer. While I was recuperating from surgery, my friend opened her Nantucket home to me. It was while ensconced in this inviting paradise that I was introduced to the five stainless steel blades that slice through vegetables and fruits like a Japanese knife through paper. My friend taught me the value of using organic fruits and greens to make daily shakes to supplement my diet. Each day, she would hand me a suspiciously green-looking sludge-like concoction and say, "Drink this." As I started to regain strength, I became a convert to the place these shakes had in my diet as daily supplement.
When I came home, I continued the nutritive regime. I used my Osterizer. It wasn't as speedy, or as thorough at breaking down the fibers of the greens or the crushing raspberries. It wasn't the deluxe model, but it was a workhorse. I was satisfied with what I had.
I had a spirit-lifting surprise when my summer dalliance came to light on my counter today. My dear friend delivered a replica of her Vitamixer to further contribute to my continued healing. I will not abandon my beloved Osterizer. My daughters each have equipped kitchens of their own and I know that my Oster blender would be happy to serve one of them as well as it has served me all these years.

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