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Sunday, October 2, 2011

$1200 into thin Air

I bought my first car from my grandmother's estate for $1200. It was the most I had ever spent on anything. It was a 1969 Dodge Dart. The car brought me freedom and a promise of future adventures. I was surprised to find that today, I felt like I was facing another $1200 opportunity. Recently, my son has been urging me to replace my MacBook. The laptop was a gift from my daughter when she outgrew it eighteen months ago. It served me well. Regrettably, I have over burdened it with music, television shows and photographs. My son's sales pitch succeeded in 1. getting me to the YES computer store 2. getting me to bite the bullet and buy a $1200 computer (which actually came to $1361 when all was said and done) and 3. landing him a job offer at YES computer for next summer. I learned today that, thirty-four years later, $1200 still seems to offer freedom and a promise of future adventures.

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