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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brooklyn from Bed

I am lying on a bed in the Nu Hotel. The Nu Hotel is a boutiquey hotel located in Brooklyn. It has this cool, edgy feel. My room is done in white, black and grey with high ceilings, a mirrored wall and leather seating. The bed is mounded with a white down comforter and a white pane-square coverlet. The bath tub is comfortable, the hot water, plentiful. The requisite 32” flat screen t.v. is dwarfed by the 3 x 4 foot black and white photo of pedestrian traffic mounted alongside of it. All afternoon, sunlight has streamed in through windows that take up most of one wall. There are sheers to pull if the glare becomes too much. A polite knock at the door announced the housekeeper. I thanked her and declined the services. When I asked her where the ice machine was located, a hotel engineer who was passing by offered to bring me some. This kind of service orientation has typified all my experiences with the staff here. It is making my stay here pleasant.
When I made plans to visit my daughter, I knew I would not be up to our typical walking, shopping and exploration of her adopted city. I prepared her in advance so she wouldn’t have unrealistic expectations. As it turns out, I am the one who is disappointed. She accepts me exactly as I am.
We have enjoyed the time we have shared. I have been available to her to return to after class, before work and when her schedule permits. I have been frustrated not to be tackling the City with the gusto and enthusiasm I have in the past. However, if I practice a bit of mental discipline, I can tuck away my thoughts of lingering over a long meal in a fine restaurant, or picking through the racks at Saks, or losing myself in a Broadway show. Instead, I cherish the memory of my proximity to my daughter and her life. I treasure the opportunity to kiss her cheek because I love her, I feel grateful for the generous spirit that prompted her to buy me a pair of leggings, I hold on to the fact that I made the trip at all!
And if I have a bit more downtime than I would have liked, I am pleased to have had the chance to explore my creative side using my Iphone camera.
Day 40

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