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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doctor's Orders


A note for those who wondered: the image on the last blog was a peephole.  
The peephole was photographed from my eldest daughter's very secure apartment.  I stayed there for two days en route to a spell on Martha’s Vineyard. I did not get very far.  After two days, I realized I wouldn’t be able to live alone on the Vineyard as planned.  My mind was too jumbled. The concussion I sustained in a recent sleepwalking episode has slowed my thinking to a crawl, my writing to nothing.  I returned to my doctor and said, “Please, make this stop. My thoughts are jumbled, my memory shot, I have a headache. Please, what can I do?”
She said, “Nothing. Do absolutely nothing. You need to heal.  Your body and your brain are telling you this. Try being more buddhist in your thinking. Simply BE.  No laundry, no housework, no blogging.”
In the interest of expediting the healing process -- and since my way has not been working -- I will take her advice -- for the next few days, at least. 
As a space holder, and because I will be back, I will post other people’s thoughts for you to consider. Please be patient. My pen will return to my hand as surely as the waves to the shore. 

New year, new beginnings.

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