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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

26 Acts of Kindness


The idea that each of us can pay tribute to the lives lost in Newtown, CT last month resonates with me. Ann Curry, NBC correspondent, started the idea. And it has spread and spread as such things do.  I can see how easy it would be to look for, and find, 26 ways to serve others.  Why not bring respite or care to someone in need? Challenge yourself. Pay ahead on a gas pump. Offer to shovel a neighbor's walk. Call an aged relative. Give of your time and your heart to someone. Who among us is not is need?  Who is not in need of understanding, tolerance, acceptance and love? Never mind in need of warm clothes, full bellies, and a safe place to lay one's head?  I did not set out to memorialize the children and teachers who died, but the groundswell is too strong for me. I will find a way to deliver 26 acts of kindness today, tomorrow and for the days ahead. I will surprise myself with the creative ways I find to deliver my acts of kindness. Keep an eye out, you just may be surprised, an unexpected act of kindness may be headed your way.  

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