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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Google It

When did Google become a verb?
Inquiring minds want to know. How to find out? Google it. So I did.
Wikipedia came up with ...
Google (transitive verb) -
refers to using the Google search engine to obtain information on the Web....It was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 15, 2006, and to the eleventh edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in July 2006. The first recorded usage of google used as a gerund, thus supposing the verb, was on July 8, 1998, by Google co-founder Larry Page himself, who wrote on a mailing list: "Have fun and keep googling!"
There was a time when I had a good relationship with the reference librarians at both the Forbes Library and the Jones Library. I had a library card for U.Mass library as well. I would call the reference librarians, often with a bit of embarrassment, to ask how to obtain the information I needed to write an article or to develop an essay idea. No longer. Rarely do I have to leave the comfort of my home to collect overwhelming amounts of information to consider. In fact, my job has gone from desperately seeking sufficient information to whittling down the information I do find to make it accessible to others.
Do all weeks have seven days?
Where was the first reference to Ezra Stone made?
In what year was Citizen Kane released?
How many seats does the North Kentucky Convention Center hold?
With Google, I have easy access to information, day or night. I relish the notion that, with the right wording, and some degree of tenacity, I can unearth just about anything I can imagine asking.

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