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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Daily Five

The shoe says everything about the season. Today was the day to make the change. By choosing winter sneakers for my daily perambulation, I am bowing to Winter. The lingering kind of snow that one hopes for during holiday season has been slow to arrive. But the wind and the cold air are incentive enough to start wearing warmer gear from head to toe. When my children attended elementary school, they were required to wear The Daily Five: this consisted of hat, coat, mittens, snow pants, and boots from Thanksgiving until March. The Daily Five rule simplified getting out of the house in the morning -- only because it was understood by all that winter attire was a non-negotiable fact of life.
Despite much teasing from my family, I adhere to that same rule today when I go for walks in the winter. My body does not like the cold. It rebels in mysterious ways; I sometimes resemble an ancient football player when I go from sitting to standing. I hear pop,snapple, crack from mysterious places in my hands, knees and spine. I rely on The Daily Five to keep me toasty and my joints happy. Recently, I have added a scarf as a reinforcement against the invasive cold. Does this means the rule becomes The Daily Six?

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