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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Notes on the world around me

There are times that I will be in the car and will want to come to a screeching halt. The question on my lips is always DID I REALLY SEE THAT?
~I saw a tire swing hanging from an electric tower in someone’s back yard. Wrong, all the way. Just wrong. In Yahoo! Answers, moof1boy asked, “Is it dangerous to live near an electric tower?”
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
There have been a number of studies and ideas on this and nothing much proved either way. Bear in mind the power companies have a lot to lose if it was ever proved to be a danger and had to pay out compensation so guess what their studies show.
I wouldn't live near one because I think there is a possibility. Let those that think its safe live there. They seem to be upset that anyone disagrees so maybe they're not that certain themselves.
~I saw a man handing another man a handgun through the open window of his car. This was directly in front of a city home with children playing in the front yard.
~I saw a field of lavender stretching as far as I could see with the deep, rich color of the flowers in contrast to the vivid blue of the wide sky above them.
~I saw a full moon hanging low and orange as the fruit on a citrus tree.
~I saw a ninety-six year old woman hold her great-great grand-daughter in her lap, the wrinkles in each of their faces mirrored in the other’s.
~I saw a young woman riding on her boyfriend’s lap. He was in a motorized scooter rolling down the sidewalk. She held on to a child’s hand; the child ran to keep up with the couple in the chair.
~I saw a pack of teenage boys running together. They wore Deerfield Academy jerseys. It was obvious they were in training; they took turns carrying each other on the other’s back.
~I saw a snake release its hold on a field mouse. As the mouse ran out from under the bush to apparent safety, a hawk dived down, talons outstretched, and scooped up the mouse for dinner.
~I saw a field put to bed for the winter, with blankets of plastic laid down, in straight, even rows to conserve the topsoil.

As long as I continue to see these sometimes startling glimpses of the world, I will file them in my memory and then try to find the words to share them with others. It is for this reason, among others, that I call myself a writer.

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