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Monday, December 12, 2011


There is no use wishing for do-overs. Do you remember the practice of do-overs from childhood? There was a time when the cry “do-over” was used to impose reason and order in a world that didn’t always make sense. The idea that anyone -- even the weakest among us -- could assert the request to redo a play meant that we had leveled the playing field. “Do-overs” was an accepted practice in most of the games we played: badminton, bombardment, four-square, jacks, tag and even tennis - it was a reasonable way to settle a dispute. Do-overs didn’t solve everything, but they gave us a way to move past arguments. Everyone had an equal voice whenever they suspected a misplay. Imagine if, as adults, we could call do-over when a dispute is dragging out too long with no sign of a resolution. It would be a relief to be able to declare do-overs in such circumstances or in those moments that we inadvertently say something careless or thoughtless. It seems to me that we should have a way to ask for the the space to make amends for the things we have said or done to hurt others. I am ready for do-overs.

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